Program for 7-9 age group

Motor Skills Training

(45 min sessions)

This age group works on functional motor skills. We make the workouts fun by being creative with the routines. We are also looking at an exergame projector for this age group.

In addition we will use the following with this age group:

Speed Ladder, intro to Jump Rope , and Animal exercises ( time and distance used with this age group)

Program for 10-12 age group

Foundation Training ( 45 min sessions)

Bodyweight, plyometrics, medicine ball, speed and conditioning work, core strength and stability.

The emphasis with this age group is to concentrate on technique of controlling body weight exercises. This is to prepare the body for loading exercises in the future

Program for 13-15 age group

Vertimax and Raptor Training (45 min sessions)

Speed from using running mechanics while loaded

Power from jumping and Olympic lift protocols

Explosive moves functional to the sport

Quickness from developing a faster first step and working on

deceleration to transition and change directions


S.P.E.Q. Training ( Vertimax and Raptor Training) along with Jump Rope, Speed Ladder and Core Strength.

Program for 16 to 18 age group

Introduce barbell work and power lifting with Olympic lifts. This will help with their technique when lifting at school or on their own.

Barbell work will be a transition from dumbbell work


Olympic lifts will be introduced using the vertimax sytem or bands

Grand Opening Prices

45 Minute Private Session – $60 $50

45 Minute Group Session – $35 $25

Monthly Packages (all 45 minute sessions)

4 Private sessions – $215 $190

4 Group sessions – $125 $89

8 Private Sessions – $420 $370

8 Group Sessions – $250 $179

12 Private Sessions – $620 $545

12 Group Sessions – $375 $279